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Why you need the verification?

Well, I don’t think I need to explain much about why you need verification as most people know the value of having a blue verified profile or page. But explaining a bit…

••• Facebook launched verified profile and pages to stop fake profiles only but now it became more useful for anyone who have the badge.•••

How you can get a blue verified badge?

This this article very carefully…

Anyone can apply for a verified badge but 999.999% people get reject.

There are some ways that you can get verified easily.

Type of verification

 Automatic verified by Facebook

The automatic verification only work when

  1. you have enough publications on Google,
  2. your account active enough,
  3. people searching your name on Facebook,
  4. there are a lot of fake account on your name and pictures.

By send request to Facebook

This is the way you can get verified, So let’s talk about how to get approved:

There are some rules to qualify for verification.

  1.  You must be famous in any field. Any kind of work you have done made you famous.
  2. Your name and work have published in online publications, news or megazine.
  3. Your account is active enough, mean you post on your account. Facebook doesn’t verify a dead page.
  4. You have authentic government issued NID, passport, or driving licence.

That’s all…

Now how to get verified done?

( As I’m working in media as an actor, the verification is important for me to stop all the fake accounts on my name, this also will help to improve my online career. I can post about my upcoming project, films and songs so that people will understand everything is authentic.)

And now wait for the reply from Facebook media operations team.

They will reply you within 3 to 7 days if your account verified or not.

If verified, you will receive a message like this:

If verified, you will receive a message like this:


If rejected, you will receive message like this:

If rejected, you will receive message like this:


Contacting by media partnership

This is the most easier way to get verified. If you have media partnership with Facebook or you know someone or any agency who has the media partnership, just contact them. They have a special contact with Facebook, and a media partnership can verify your account if you are not famous or you don’t have enough media coverage.

They can ask you for payment even it’s against Facebook to get cash for verification…

Direct verification from Facebook office

This is also one of easy way for verification but it only works for celebrities or if you know someone personally who work at Facebook.
Facebook normally doesn’t allow general people to enter in Facebook head quarter, but if you are a celebrity or famous for any work then they have special guest room and hall for you.
Or if you know someone personally from Facebook, s/he can help you too by giving you an guest ID card.

Free verification

This is work when your biography is on Google.

Get your biography on Google now…

If you have biography on Google and your account active enough,
You will receive an email or notification from Facebook like this:


Make sure it’s from Facebook before submitting your information, there are some spammer and hacker can send you email like this and ask your password.
Facebook never ask for password.

Click here to get your biography on Google.


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