About Famous Birthdays

Famous Birthdays is a bio website dedicated to the census of anniversaries of famous people and the compilation of other facts about them.  It was founded in 2012 by Evan Britton, who has since described the site as “Wikipedia for Generation Z”. It originally focused on traditional celebrities like Tom Hanks and Kobe Bryant, but has since expanded its reach to include popular celebrities on the Internet who would not be considered “famous.” By June 2019, it had more than 250,000 pages of people and was accessed by an average of 22 million unique users each month.

Why you need a profile on Famous Birthdays?

If you are a rising star in any field such as media, sport, web videos or any kind of filed so having a profile on famous birthdays will encourage you career more. Because if you have a profile on this, it will be show up on the first page of Google and your clients/fans will find your information easily.

How to make a profile on famous birthdays

Unfortunately, there is no sing up available for the site and you can’t make a profile for yourself but don’t worry I have added some celebrity client profile on the platform and i’m gonna show you how to do that.

If you want to get a profile on the platform, so you’ll need to contact with any of admin and tell about you with some sources.

Click here to add your biography on Google.

You are done, and now any of admin from Famous Birthdays will receive your email and will make a profile for you.

Note: there’s no guarantee that they will add your profile after receiving your email. Keep Reading carefully…

If you can’t provide enough information about you, so they will reject it.

Here is how to provide enough information so that they will add your profile.

After your profile created they will email you to send them 4/5 pictures of you, send them some non copyright pictures, they can also reach you by twitter tweet.

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IF your profile not approved within 7 business days, so you will have to contact them with e-mail.

Famous Birthdays e-mail: [email protected]

OR you can write about you on their twitter account on  https://twitter.com/famousbirthdays

NOTE: If you contact them on Facebook, you will waste your time. they never add profiles thought Facebook messages.

Click here to get your biography on Google.

You can alternatively submit your biography to FSbio and they will make a profile for you as free.

To submit your biography use this link https://wiki.factsider.com/add-your-biography/

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