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From Bases to Billboard: CEO Carl Crawford Rebuilds his Team at 1501

Carl Crawford, Nick Jarjour, Kai “Verse” Tyler

Houston, TX– CEO and Founder of 1501 Entertainment, Carl Crawford, made his way to fame as a major league baseball player, in 1999. Carl was a huge commodity to the world of MLB. He started his professional career with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays where he became Most Outstanding Rookie, a four time All-Star, a Silver Slugger Award winner and Gold Glove Award winner in 2010. Later Carl joined the Boston Red Sox as a free agent in which he was later traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers before retiring in 2016. Since then, the multi mogul has invested most of his time with his family and funds into 1501 Certified Entertainment, founding label of mega artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Erica Banks.

“You know after having a great career playing baseball I wanted to invest my money into something that I loved and would put my city of Houston on the map.” Stated Crawford. “That’s how 1501 came about. I love music so much that I hired a friend as a business partner who knew the industry more than I did and we started investing in artists around the city.”


1501 Certified Entertainment

In 2016, 1501 Certified Entertainment came into full effect to help develop underground and underprivileged artists surrounding Houston, TX. Starting off, the label had a few ups and downs, it wasn’t until 2017 Carl discovered Megan Thee Stallion on YouTube that the label found their diamond in the rough.


“When I came across Megan on YouTube I knew I had to have her at 1501. She was so raw and an undeniable star in the making.” said Carl. “At the time I gave my business partner some cash and said do whatever you have to get her to sign with us; She’s it. I admired everything about Megan…still to this day I think she’s a force to be reckoned with. She is truly a one of a kind artist.”

First project

In 2018, the deal was done, Megan Thee Stallion signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment as their new lead artist. 1501 released their first project together entitled “Tina Snow”. In 2019, “Big Ole’ Freak” charted on the Billboard 100 putting Megan and 1501 in the big leagues as the new powerhouse indie label. In April of 2019 the label added another sensation to the label, Erica Banks, in which she released her viral hit “Buss It” creating a new wave of tik-tok influencers.

The Team

From there Megan, Erica, and 1501 have gone multi gold, platinum, a few #1s and 3 Grammys with “Savage” (remix) featuring music icon Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. “With Megan I learned so much about the music industry. The good, the bad, and indifferent. I was very ignorant to a lot of things coming into the game,” Crawford mention “but we had a successful run. Ultimately, we both did our big ones. Today, I’ve built a new team around me. I’m constantly being educated on do’s and don’ts so that the label runs as smoothly as possible. I owe it to everyone on the label to pull in the best so that they can also reach their full potential as an artist. I’m so proud of Erica Banks for holding it down. She’s been a great asset to me and 1501. She has a lot to look forward to, along with our newest artist 1amJokerBaby.”


The new team includes CEO of The Luxury Group – Kai “Verse” Tyler aka Cloth as President of 1501 Certified Ent., marketing and ad expert – Jens “The Guru” Elmera as President of Digital Marketing, CEO of The Durand CO. – Eric “Trey” Durand Harris III as Director of Publicity and Media Relations, Darrian Smith as Director of Artist Development, and serving in continuum in Business Operations will be Onyx Nance.

For more information on upcoming 1501 Certified Entertainment events, music release dates, and artist showcases please go to: https://www.1501ent.com/

For all Press and Media inquiries:

Trey Harris | Director of Publicity and Media Relations – 1501 Certified Ent.

Email: Trey@TheDurandCo.com 

Phone: 404-940-8316

Top Tips to Have a Productive Day

Are you wondering about how to kick-start your morning and have a productive and active day? If the answer is yes, then you are here at the right place.

Here are some tips that will help you have an amazing morning and a productive day.

Read on to learn more!


Follow the 4-Minute Rule

The struggle starts in bed – especially when you are not a morning person. You might as well have made great winnings with Online gambling in Australia Betsquare the previous night and hence not caught up on your beauty sleep.

Nonetheless, whatever the issue is, if you struggle with getting out of your bed, you will want to follow the four-minute rule. According to this rule, you give yourself four minutes to get out of your bed.

These four minutes start from the very moment when you look at your alarm clock to check the time. You give yourself exactly four minutes from that time onwards. During these four minutes, you cannot do any of the following things:

  • Look at your phone.
  • Pick up the phone.
  • Scroll social media.
  • Check notifications.

Just leave your phone wherever it is. The underlying reason for this is that apps, especially social media, are specifically designed to get your attention and keep you engaged for long periods.

What might start as a 20-second check on Facebook and Instagram can turn into ten to fifteen minutes of aimlessly scrolling through content and gaining information. The truth is that you don’t even get any joy out of it.

So, checking out your phone and scrolling aimlessly through social media is definitely one of the worst ways to start your day.

Make Your Bed

Now, once you are out of your bed, you will want to make your bed. Yes, we know that this might seem a bit weird – but – the fact is that making your bed first thing in the morning will reward you with a sense of accomplishment as this is the first task you will complete.

So, by finishing the first task of making your bed, you will establish the momentum to have a really productive day. If you start your day right, you will end the day with mental peace and inner satisfaction. Since you will be completing all tasks on time, it will also give you leisure time to play games and have fun.

For instance, you might want to unwind by trying your luck with gambling. You can make real money by using the $10 neosurf deposit casino. However, you will have to be mindful that you are only playing for the sake of having fun and winning some cash – don’t get overly carried away, as it can lead to loss as well.

Walk around the House 

Now that you have made your bed, it is to sip some warm water so you can alert your brain cells and flush out toxins from the body.

Nonetheless, now you will want to walk through every room of your house. The underlying reason for this is that when you walk into the room, what you are going to do is to improve three things. The three things could be anything: tidying the room, straightening a picture, taking out the trash, and so on.

At this point, what you will want to do is actually carry out the momentum that you built by making your bed. By completing more and more tasks, you will be keeping up the momentum as all those small tasks will keep adding up in your brain, and they sit in your subconscious.

This way, when you will actually sit down to work, study, or do something productive, you will actually get things done.

Dress for the Day

The next tip to have a productive day – especially if you are working from home is to get dressed. Don’t make the mistake of dressing comfy, as it won’t enable you to get into the right mindset and kick-start your day.

So, make sure that when you are dressed in the morning, you are getting dressed into something that is not a potential barrier to the task that you want to complete during the day. For instance, if you want to attend a meeting and go grocery shopping later, you cannot get dressed in pajamas and slippers. 

Movie buffs: Should you keep cable TV services?

For quite some time, there has been a heated debate about whether or not the era of cable TV services is coming to an end, and many people are curious whether or not this is true. Although we have all observed a significant drop in the number of TV subscribers, there are still millions of people who subscribe to cable TV and are satisfied with their service.

Why is Cord-cutting becoming a trend?

Streaming services are to blame for the new cord-cutting trend and the significant drop in cable TV subscriptions. There are numerous low-cost streaming platforms that provide a variety of functions, but streaming services, like any other service, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are many benefits of cable TV services that you do not get with streaming services, which is why we still see a significant number of people who use cable TV services have no plans to cut the cord anytime soon. The excellent channel lineup is the primary reason why consumers opt to keep cable TV services. All local, sports, news, and movie channels are accessible. Cable TV offers a level of variety that streaming services simply cannot match. For instance, if you look at Spectrum cable deals, you will be able to enjoy 125 plus channels including CNN, Discovery, and HGTV at the most affordable rates. What we are trying to say is that if you want diversity from a streaming service, you will have to subscribe to numerous platforms, whereas with TV services, you can choose any plan that fits your demands and budget. If you want to make any adjustments in the future, you can always do so. There are no constraints.

What is holding-back cable TV?

The majority of TV subscribers are satisfied with the high-quality content they receive as part of their subscription. If you are not sure whether to maintain your TV services or not, compare the benefits and drawbacks of both TV and streaming services to find which one best meets your needs. We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of TV services on this topic, which will undoubtedly assist you in deciding whether to keep or cut the cord.

Three Reasons Why Cable TV Is Better Than Streaming Services

1. You are not reliant on the internet

At some point, we have all had to deal with slow internet. When submitting a school work or preparing for a webcam interview, you may encounter this issue. The internet might be slow for no obvious reason, as well as when too many individuals are utilizing the network at the same time. It may be one room with people watching YouTube, another with people playing online games with their buddies, and yet another with individuals doing research for a project. As a result, because there are so many gadgets linked to the internet, it is less likely to work as hard as it could. Because cable is not connected to the internet, you will not experience any buffering when watching your favorite show.

2. There are discounts for purchasing multiple items in a bundle

The prices of cable providers are not fixed. Because of the enormous number of cord-cutters, negotiating their pricing is much easier. Cable and internet service providers frequently package their offerings. If you subscribe to several of their services, such as internet, phone, and cable, you will pay less per service. You can also find lower costs for premium services.

3. Package customization choices that are affordable

Cable television subscribers typically have access to a wide number of channels. It allows you to choose the bundle that best fits your lifestyle. Some companies even allow you to create your own TV package rather than choosing from one that has already been created. This allows you to select a channel lineup that meets your basic TV requirements. As a result, you will only be charged for the channels you actually watch, not for the ones you only watch occasionally. Therefore, customization keeps you from splurging on enormous bundles that do not meet your needs.

The disadvantages of cable television services

1. You will have to pay a lot of money to get cable television

You will spend a significant amount of money to get cable TV service because you will be paying more than just the service rate. You will be responsible for other fees and surcharges in addition to the service price.

2. Renting equipment is a major pain

It is a pain to rent equipment. Unless you have a smart TV, cable boxes are expensive. If you have a smart TV, you can watch TV without a cable box by entering into your service provider’s streaming app. If you do not have a smart TV and, for example, want cable service on more than one television, you will have to purchase a new cable box for each set, which will be expensive.

3. You will have to limit yourself to one location

To watch TV, you must confine yourself to a single location where the cable cord is attached. You may broadcast wherever and anytime you want using the streaming service.

Final words

There is no reason to cut the cord and switch to a streaming provider if cost isn’t an issue for you and you’re content with your current TV package. However, if you are concerned about the costs and believe that a streaming service would be a better alternative for you, try out a month-long subscription to a streaming platform to see whether it is right for you. This will eventually assist you in making the best decision possible.

Can you accept your faith in Forex trading?

Forex trading is unpredictable for a trader. Almost no trader knows if his orders will work out for profit or not. Even the pro traders don’t have a clear idea of price movement. They can only predict the future with technical analysis and fundamental analysis. But they cannot be sure if a profitable trade signal will be available or not. So, they are not safe with the trades either. Even after placing an order, every trader is disturbed by the price movement. Since they cannot predict the future clearly, potential losses haunt them. In that case, the trading platform offers some tools to secure your position sizes. A trader can implement stop-loss and take-profit. But they can only use them when their plans are ready for it. Moreover, they will need a reliable trading mindset to use every valuable aspect of trading in an execution.

So, it seems that traders need to be clear from any distractions to increase efficiency. And it is only possible when they can realize the consequences of currency trading in Forex. For that, a trader must spend some time in a demo account and try to trade with fake money. It will help to be adaptive to the potential losses. And the traders will also learn about the fundamentals such as risk management, market analysis, position-sizing, etc.

Do you have patience in yourself?

Many rookie traders fall short in one department while participating in Forex. They do not care about trading efficiency. Instead of it, they care about profit margins. And since they think of the profit margins, their trading approaches do not include valuable aspects such as risk management and market analysis. As a result, you will fail to size the trades efficiently. Ultimately, it will cost money, and some traders even lose frequently. In that situation, a rookie only loses temper and patience. Some individuals even try to compensate for the losses. Doing such, traders lose even more capital. Even if you take the trades with the top brokers like Saxo capital markets, you are bound to suffer by following an aggressive steps.

That is why a trader must have patience while participating in Forex. If he is patient, he will
regulate the investment with a safe policy. Then he will also be efficient while analyzing the
price charts. Along with the technical analysis, traders will also use valuable fundamentals.
Ultimately, it will result in a successful trading career with consistent profit potentials.

What do mistakes teach you?

Making mistakes in currency trading is inevitable for a rookie trader. Since there is a lack of
trading skills among them, they are not efficient enough for this industry. Moreover, some
rookies ruin their chances by targeting profit margins. They do not implement valuable ideas for money management or technical analysis. In the end, they place orders which have poor position sizes and inefficient risk setups. If your trade setup is not ready for Forex, it will only increase the potential loss. And you will lose more often in this business. But a trader can change his fate if he is ready with an appropriate trading mentality.
To be efficient in trading, every trader should learn from mistakes. If the risk management is poor, study for it. Implement valuable plans for the investment policy. Then find out the defects of your market analysis. Learn how to use potential techniques and tools to increase efficiency.

And use the fundamentals with technical analysis to increase the potential of your business even more. In this way, you will have established trading psychology that will give consistent profits.

How good is your trading psychology?

With every necessary aspect of currency trading, a trader can secure his investment. Plus, he can find the best position sizes in the markets. As a result, traders can profit from their businesses. But a trader should not care about the profits if he wants to be successful. Instead of converging towards earnings, a trader should build his trading psychology. It will benefit him in the long run, and traders will experience a profitable career in Forex.

Top doctors in Australia

Doctors are called ‘The Second God’ to mass people. They help patients to make medical decisions with confidence. it’s such a valuable health benefit that companies offer to their employees, insurers include in their plans, and affinities offer to their members. Best doctors can help you whether you need a second opinion or answers to personal health questions.
Australia is such a developed country of the world which has many best doctors. People go from any corner of the world to Australia to be cure. They complete their treatment with nice way. This is why people from under developed country love to go abroad to make better treatment.
In case of taking treatment in Australia, a stressful medical challenge we all have to face. But best doctors make us free from worry and maintain the problems in a nice way. They offer medical expertise and support throughout the whole process to us.

There is a list of 10 top best doctors in Australia for your benefit and knowledge purposes :

1.Yusof Mutahar

Yusof Mutahar is one of greatest handsome doctors in Australia. He is also an actor, General Practitioner, athlete, author and entrepreneur. He is a great dedicated doctor in Australia, completed his MBBS from a popular Medical University.

2. Professor Roger Byard

We can say about the Forensic pathologist Professor Roger Byard PSM. He has performed some 6000 autopsies in his career. Still he can remember the names of the first children he examined almost 30 years ago.To him patients are like families.

Once he said, “Forensic pathologists are guardians of the dead in a way. We’re the last doctor that this person is going to see. It can be a difficult profession but I approach each case by saying, ‘this is my patient and I really need to find out what has happened so I can talk to the family, their doctor and the coroner about anything that is of concern.”

He is dedicated to his work. Really he is a great doctor in Australia. It’s Professor Byard’s dedication and service to his field as an academic, researcher and practitioner.

3. Professor Diego De Leo

We can also say much about Diego’s dedication! Professor Diego De Leo is the director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, Griffith University, Brisbane. He gives service and medicine to the field of psychiatry as a researcher and practitioner. His contribution is really great to the medical history of Australia.

4. Emeritus Professor Robert Goldney

Emeritus Professor Robert Goldney is a past head of psychiatry at the University of Adelaide. He gave distinguished service to medicine in the field of psychiatry, as a researcher in Australia.

5. Professor Ralph Martins

Professor Ralph is the founding Director of Research, McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundation in Hollywood Private Hospital. It’s a very popular hospital in Australia.And he is popular to mass people for distinguished service to medicine in the field of psychiatry through leadership in the research into Alzheimer’s disease and the development of early diagnosis and treatment programs, and to the community of Perth.

6.Professor Helen Zorbas

Professor Helen Zorbas is the CEO of Cancer Australia. She is great for her service to public health through leadership in the delivery of improved information and services to cancer patients and their families and contributions to research and clinical trials.

7. Dr Alan William Duncan

Dr. Alan William Duncan is the Medical Director of Clinical Governance at the Child and Adolescent Health Service, Department of Health (WA). He is a popular medical officer for significant service to medicine in the field of paediatric intensive care as a clinician.

8. Dr Mark Francis Ellis

Dr. Mark Francis Ellis is an ophthalmologist at the Hawthorn Eye Clinic in Melbourne. He is special for significant service to medicine in the field of ophthalmology, and to eye health in Indonesia and East Timor.

9. Dr Brian Michael Boettcher

Dr. Brian Michael Boetther is a forensic psychiatrist and past director of Aftercare, Sydney. He contributes a significant service to psychiatry as an educator.

10. Professor Stephen Davis

Professor Stephen Davis is the president of the World Stroke Organization, director of Neurology in Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has played a great role and gives significant services to medicine in the field of neurology.

There is also a short list of doctors (without description) – I write for the favor of the patients so they will be able to know about them :

Dr David Alistair Lonie, (a New South Wales-based clinician, educator and mentor), Dr Isla Ellen Lonie (deceased), (a clinician, educator and mentor), Dr Christopher Mitchell ( the former president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners), Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips (the past-president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists), Professor Bruce William Robinson, (a Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine and Pharmacology), Professor Roger Smith, (the Professor of Endocrinology)

From this article, you will be able to know about the top best doctors in Australia. Hope it will help you when you want to know about them or you need to go to abroad to take treatment. From now, hope you can easily take a decision to go Australia to take treatment as you know who will be the best doctor for you and from whom, you will take your service.
Thanks for read this. Stay tuned with us.