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Top doctors in Australia

Doctors are called ‘The Second God’ to mass people. They help patients to make medical decisions with confidence. it’s such a valuable health benefit that companies offer to their employees, insurers include in their plans, and affinities offer to their members. Best doctors can help you whether you need a second opinion or answers to personal health questions.
Australia is such a developed country of the world which has many best doctors. People go from any corner of the world to Australia to be cure. They complete their treatment with nice way. This is why people from under developed country love to go abroad to make better treatment.
In case of taking treatment in Australia, a stressful medical challenge we all have to face. But best doctors make us free from worry and maintain the problems in a nice way. They offer medical expertise and support throughout the whole process to us.

There is a list of 10 top best doctors in Australia for your benefit and knowledge purposes :

1.Yusof Mutahar

Yusof Mutahar is one of greatest handsome doctors in Australia. He is also an actor, General Practitioner, athlete, author and entrepreneur. He is a great dedicated doctor in Australia, completed his MBBS from a popular Medical University.

2. Professor Roger Byard

We can say about the Forensic pathologist Professor Roger Byard PSM. He has performed some 6000 autopsies in his career. Still he can remember the names of the first children he examined almost 30 years ago.To him patients are like families.

Once he said, “Forensic pathologists are guardians of the dead in a way. We’re the last doctor that this person is going to see. It can be a difficult profession but I approach each case by saying, ‘this is my patient and I really need to find out what has happened so I can talk to the family, their doctor and the coroner about anything that is of concern.”

He is dedicated to his work. Really he is a great doctor in Australia. It’s Professor Byard’s dedication and service to his field as an academic, researcher and practitioner.

3. Professor Diego De Leo

We can also say much about Diego’s dedication! Professor Diego De Leo is the director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, Griffith University, Brisbane. He gives service and medicine to the field of psychiatry as a researcher and practitioner. His contribution is really great to the medical history of Australia.

4. Emeritus Professor Robert Goldney

Emeritus Professor Robert Goldney is a past head of psychiatry at the University of Adelaide. He gave distinguished service to medicine in the field of psychiatry, as a researcher in Australia.

5. Professor Ralph Martins

Professor Ralph is the founding Director of Research, McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundation in Hollywood Private Hospital. It’s a very popular hospital in Australia.And he is popular to mass people for distinguished service to medicine in the field of psychiatry through leadership in the research into Alzheimer’s disease and the development of early diagnosis and treatment programs, and to the community of Perth.

6.Professor Helen Zorbas

Professor Helen Zorbas is the CEO of Cancer Australia. She is great for her service to public health through leadership in the delivery of improved information and services to cancer patients and their families and contributions to research and clinical trials.

7. Dr Alan William Duncan

Dr. Alan William Duncan is the Medical Director of Clinical Governance at the Child and Adolescent Health Service, Department of Health (WA). He is a popular medical officer for significant service to medicine in the field of paediatric intensive care as a clinician.

8. Dr Mark Francis Ellis

Dr. Mark Francis Ellis is an ophthalmologist at the Hawthorn Eye Clinic in Melbourne. He is special for significant service to medicine in the field of ophthalmology, and to eye health in Indonesia and East Timor.

9. Dr Brian Michael Boettcher

Dr. Brian Michael Boetther is a forensic psychiatrist and past director of Aftercare, Sydney. He contributes a significant service to psychiatry as an educator.

10. Professor Stephen Davis

Professor Stephen Davis is the president of the World Stroke Organization, director of Neurology in Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has played a great role and gives significant services to medicine in the field of neurology.

There is also a short list of doctors (without description) – I write for the favor of the patients so they will be able to know about them :

Dr David Alistair Lonie, (a New South Wales-based clinician, educator and mentor), Dr Isla Ellen Lonie (deceased), (a clinician, educator and mentor), Dr Christopher Mitchell ( the former president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners), Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips (the past-president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists), Professor Bruce William Robinson, (a Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine and Pharmacology), Professor Roger Smith, (the Professor of Endocrinology)

From this article, you will be able to know about the top best doctors in Australia. Hope it will help you when you want to know about them or you need to go to abroad to take treatment. From now, hope you can easily take a decision to go Australia to take treatment as you know who will be the best doctor for you and from whom, you will take your service.
Thanks for read this. Stay tuned with us.

Bollywood Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

By: Anna Steve

No doubt, motivation is the most important part of the journey to any goal. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fitter, or on any mission, staying on track can be really tough. If you failed in the battle of weight loss, then quit worrying!
In this article, we are going to tell you some inspiring women who lose weight and get the stunning look within no time. Give a read and remember these women success on the journey of weight loss. Get your weight loss tracker and start with these secrets to get rid of extra pounds.

Bollywood Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets:

Here are the weight loss secrets that help to get rid of the flab and get the Ab! Get ready for a splendid look with a new fitness and diet plan, stick on it to find yourself on the list one day.

Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor is the star face of Bollywood blockbuster industry; she shares off both her acting skills and her physique secrets with their fans. Nowadays, she has been selected as the face of most famous and prestigious international cosmetic brand. Sonam never give up in the battle of weight loss, she did lots of struggle to get rid of flab, and now she is an inspiration and a role model with her fab look.
The Diet:
Sonam is stick with a low low-carb, high-protein diet with five small meals a day. She throw-out unhealthy snacks from her diet plan, and consume dry fruits and milkshakes to satisfy hunger pangs. The star face drink an adequate amount of liquids including coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice to stay hydrated.
The Exercise Routine:
Sonam exercise routine includes fun activities that burn calories like Yoga, Pilates, squash, and swimming. For a great strength and stamina, she sticks with weight training twice a week. She lost maximum 30 kgs with this routine. She also tracks her daily calorie intake using the accurate calories per day calculator. You can visit calculator-online.net to get efficient weight loss tracker; this handy tool helps you to achieve healthy weight loss.

Sonakshi Sinha:

If you are someone who loves to eat but hates workout, then keep reading about her inspiring body transformation story. She gets rid of excess flab and gets sexy figure with healthy diet and efficient workout routine.
The Diet:
Sonakshi consumes an adequate amount of protein and low carb diet that helps her intense workout regimen without calories intake. The inspiring women also intake maximum 3 cups of green tea a day to stay healthy. Moreover, she consumes small portions every few hours and drinks tons of water to stay hydrated; fluids intake is essential for good metabolism and radiant skin.
The Exercise Routine:
She sticks with spin classes, weight training courses and a cardio workout to burn extra calories and healthy weight loss goals. For stamina building and overall fitness she adds cycling, swimming, and tennis in her workout routine. She also practices some yoga with trainer to get supple and flexible body.

Alia Bhatt:

Alia is well-known because of her fab figure that her fans are drooling over. She did lots of struggle to achieve healthy weight loss goals by sticking with a fun workout routine and a good diet. Now, she has fab look!
The Diet:
The inspiring women skip oily and junk food and consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and nuts. She managed a balanced diet plan throughout the day; she consumes her meal at least 2 hours before going to bed. She drinks bulk of water to stay hydrated; staying hydrated helps cleanse her body of toxins for great skin and hair.
The Exercise Routine:
She sticks with interesting workout routine that including altitude training, kickboxing, beach running, circuit training, swimming, and weights. She works with experts to perform lunges and squats and hits the treadmill daily. Additionally, she workout every part of her body to get stunning and fab figure.


Kajol is the most famous star face with a fab figure. She is the most prominent face of different prestigious and tremendous international cosmetics brands. Kajol never compromises on her diet and workout routine, she leads a disciplined lifestyle and even loses baby poundage after her boy was born.
The Diet:
Kajol always loves to eat a healthy and balanced diet; her weight loss diet includes fish, paneer, eggs, nuts, lean chicken, and milk. Kajol intakes a well-balanced meal three times a day and also sticks on healthy snacks. She consumes an adequate amount of fibre for a fit body. She always avoids eating unhealthy snacking or junk food frenzies. Her diet plan also includes plenty of water to stay hydrated and also intake fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks to manage hunger pangs.
The Exercise Routine:
She is at 38, and there are no signs of ageing due to her intensive workout routine. She lost weight about 18 kg in just short period time of 5 months. Kajol exercises with her hubby Devgn’s personal trainer to target the core muscle and fat areas in the body, she adds cardio and kickboxing in her daily fitness routine. She spends at least an hour every day to tone muscle, and burn fat. The reason behind her inspiring weight loss is consuming right, working out, going to bed and waking up on time.

Kareena Kapoor:

The most gorgeous and charming girl Kareena has a strict diet plan and fitness routine. She always loves to look smart and sexy and did little or more struggle to achieve healthy weight loss goals.
The Diet:
Kareena always loves to consume paranthas and biryanis but in moderation. She shares on media that she burns everything that she consumes with a rigorous workout routine. She consumes right after every two hours, but her portion sizes are small.
The Exercise Routine:
On every morning, she sticks on yoga asanas to get a supple, toned, flexible body. She performs a hundred Suryanamaskars daily. This is one of the major secrets behind her successful weight loss! She also track her daily calorie needs using simple calorie calculator app, to reach health goals.
Stick with these weight loss secrets and say goodbye to excess flab within no time – Good Luck!

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding: Brief Guide

By: Aleksander Pichkur

Ideally, a wedding is a one-time event, so everything at it should look, sound, smell, and taste great. Every detail, from the location to napkin patterns, takes a lot of planning. After all, there wouldn’t be so many wedding romcoms if things were too easy. To make this day truly special, you’re going to need some free time, imagination, and a strong will to stay sane when it’s all over.

Some couples put a lot of effort and money into making their wedding memorable and still manage to mess something up because of poor planning. Let’s not repeat their mistakes and make sure the best day of your life lives up to your expectations. So here’s a basic guide to planning a perfect wedding.
Start with a checklist

Before you begin planning your every step, you should think over your action plan in detail because rash decisions can cost you a lot. Make a checklist before taking actions. Any process is a set of consecutive steps: misplace one or two, and the whole plan will begin to crumble.
A checklist will let you look at your wedding from another perspective, picture it as a project, and understand what steps to take next. Besides, you need a checklist for budgeting. With a cost estimate, you’ll see that the same budget can be distributed differently.
Firstly, study the wedding process itself; conduct a so-called marketing investigation. There are probably couples that have already used some of your ideas at their weddings. Check out their stories; find out what difficulties they faced, how they planned their celebration, and how they solved problems. About six months before the wedding date, start making up a list.
Six months before the wedding
One of the most important relationship rules says that all major events in a couple’s life should be planned well in advance. Why should you start so early? To avoid 90% of troubles that come with the lack of forethought. Time flies, so don’t wait too long.
– Pick a date for the solemn event.
– If you’re planning a trip right after the wedding, check if the tickets are available. Plus, you can get them at a nice discount when booking them in advance.
– Contact agencies that provide wedding services in your city to compare the prices, so as not to waste precious time before the wedding.
– Check if some of your friends and family can help you with preparations.
– Make an approximate guest list.
– Get a gym membership to make sure you’ll look great.
– Make a cost estimate.
Three months before the wedding
It’s time to apply for official registration of your marriage. Take your time to celebrate this occasion with your significant other. Once it’s done, proceed to the next part of your to-do list. Three months before the appointed date you need to:
– Pick a church for the wedding and discuss the details of the ceremony with the priest.
– Start looking for a wedding dress. If you can’t find one, consider ordering an individual design.
– Buy wedding rings.
– Choose your best man and bridesmaid and make sure they’re ready to do their part.
– Finalize the guest list.
– Start printing invitations and searching for a banquet hall.
Two months before the wedding
The less time you have, the more troubles pop up. When there’s only two months left, you should start taking care of details.
– Find a professional photographer and cameraman.
– Find an entertainer to keep the guest busy (if needed).
– Start learning the first dance and pick the song.
– Order the wedding cake.
– Plan the bride’s hair and makeup.
– Start sending out invitations.
– Order a wedding convoy (if needed).
Two months before the ceremony, you should begin looking for a groom’s suit, and the bride’s dress should be ready by this time. If you doubt you can make it in time, consider hiring a wedding agent.
One month before the wedding
When there’s one month left before the ceremony, the banquet hall and menu should already be approved, and all the details of the interior of the banquet hall should’ve been bought. The last few weeks are critical – go back and recheck everything you’ve already done because soon, there won’t be time left to change or fix something. Here are the final preparations:
– Discuss photo shoot locations with the photographer.
– Order a wedding bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere.
– Contact all guests and make sure they’re coming.
– Browse through the wedding script with the entertained (if you have one).
– Buy all the missing accessories for the bridal outfit.
– Invite friends to a party.
– Think over activities for the second wedding day (if scheduled).
A few days before the celebration, take care of small details, like champagne bottles for a photo shoot, make a seating plan for the guests, put your new shoes on and walk in them for a while, check the weather forecast, etc. When the day comes, stay cool because you know you’ve planned everything, and it will work just fine. Just don’t forget the rings.