Arman Alif commenced the adventure in the music field with the band ‘Chondrobindu’ in 2017. In this year, he discharged introduction single ‘Nikotin’. At that point Arman discharged the second melody ‘Nesha’. The two tunes did not get enough promotion in the music field. Be that as it may, he goes to the course of events when discharged his third melody ‘Oporadhi’. The tune made him medium-term artist in the nation and get overall acknowledgment which positioned among YouTube 100 worldwide positioning. The melody as of now has earned in excess of 200 million views in YouTube. He is roused enough by Bangladeshi artist Nazmun Munira Nancy and Balam.

Personal Life

In close to home life, Arman Alif is as yet unmarried. It tends to be most likely said that he has an immense number of female fans and it is charming issue to these fans.

***Facts About Arman Alif ***

Did you know…

  1. He started music carrier with the band Chandrabindoo.
  2. His song “Oporadhi” ranked in 100 global ranking on YouTube.
  3. His first solo single is ‘Nikotin’ which was not successful.
  4. His song “Oporadhi” was sung by Shakib Al Hasan and many more Bangladeshi cricketer.
  5. His song “Oporadhi” is the first Bangladeshi YouTube video which crossed 200 million views.
  6. His song “Oporadhi” is the first Bangladeshi song which is translated by many foreign language.
  7. His song “Oporadhi” is the first Bangladeshi song which is covered by Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and British singer in their language.
  8. His song “Oporadhi” is the first Bangladeshi fastest growing song by YouTube views.



Year Event
He was born on 17 November, 2000 in Netrokona, Bangladesh. 
2017 He released solo single ‘Nikotin’.
2018 His song Oporadhi was released
2018 His song Oporadhi crossed 100 million views.
2019 His song Oporadhi crossed 200 million views.





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