A K M Hasan finished his schooling in his hometown in Adarsho school,Narayanjong, he is graduated from Tolaram College.


Personal life

A K M Hasan got married in 2005 with a beautiful lady, and they are blessed with one son and one daughter.



Hasan started his carrier with TV drama “Kholnayak” which gave him huge popularity and he received many offer by directors, later he became good friend with Mosharrof Karim, Tisha and director Sagar Jahan. as of now, he is one of notable TV actor of the country.

***Facts About A K M Hasan***


Did you know…

  1. He wanted to be a businessmen but ended up with film industry and he is a successful actor.
  2. In 2017, he worked in some Eid drama with Mosharrof Karim and these drama was most viewed on YouTube.
  3. In 2018, He was awarded people’s choice best actor for comic role in RTV award.



Year Event
He was born on April 21, 1974 in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
1993 He graduated from Tolaram College.
2005 He got married in 2005.
2011 He started his carrier with film industry.
2018 He won many awards in 2018 for his best work




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