Personal life

Safa Kabir isn’t married yet and she is still single.


Safa Kabir started her carrier with TVC of Pran, which made her popular for her cuteness. Later on, Safa commences the voyage in the media business with a TVC for Airtel coordinated by Ashfaq Bipul. She performs in a few prevalent TVCs including ‘Pran Peanut Bar’ and ‘Parachute Oil’. Safa facilitated a program ‘Style and Trend’ on NTV.

She acted in a prevalent telefilm ‘@18 All Time Dourer Upor‘, the telefilm has set up her name in the media business; she goes to the course of events around the nation subsequent to acting in the telefilm and catches the crowd’s eye. At that point Safa acted in the show ‘Eka Meye‘. In 2014 she acted in the show ‘Valobasha 101‘. As of now the on-screen character performs in loads of fruitful show including ‘College‘, ‘Dark Magic‘ and ‘Junak Poka


***Facts About Safa Kabir***


Did you know…

  1. Safa Kabir became known on social media in 2016.
  2. Her father Humayun Kabir was in Russia for business purpose when she was born.
  3. Her grandpa named her “Anatoney Kelly” but no one ever used this name to call her.


Year Event
She was born on August 14, 1991 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. 
2014 She started working with an advertisement of Pran
2015 She became one of famous face of Bangladesh.
2016 She became internet viral for her cuteness.
2019 She has been featured in the front page of Canvas Magazine.









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