1. Aquaman –: Movie review Its a film by DC. Director James Wan invites you to his amazingly spectacular vision of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and be enchanted. . It is the story of Arthur Curry, born to a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean queen, who becomes the king of Atlantis to save and unite the water and the surface world from his half-brother Orm. He is aided by Mera and his teacher Vulko in his journey. James Wan amalgates several elements like relic hunting, pollution, Jurassic creatures, horrific beings, gigantic animals etc. into a wonderful cocktail of emotions (family drama, romance, humour, vengeance) that the final product ends up as a visually stunning spectacle. Each underwater clan were given their individuality in appearance, pets, environment, culture and technology which makes you appreciate the research that has gone into the filming process. Some scenes simply amaze you: young Arthur communicating with marine animals, Arthur and Mera diving into the depths of the Trench kingdom, Arthur’s entry in the final battle, etc. The movie also pays a tribute to my favourite Science fiction author Jules Verne in many scenes and dialogues. The visual spectacle blinds the audience to many shortcomings. Without giving spoilers, I’ve listed these: Black Manta could have been fitted in a much better way, Arthur’s training with Vulko could have been given a bit more screen time, destruction of ancient Atlantis should have been shown better, Atlanna”s treatment was poor and most importantly the film harps on about marine pollution but fails to highlight it in a significant manner. Go watch the movie for a very good performance by Jason Momoa (he sinks into the character and portrays this arrogant/confused/slow witted man who is unsure about his life and his evolution to being a hero very effectively ), breathtaking visuals, Willem Dafoe as. Vulko and an engaging action adventure that will keep you glued to your seats.


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