Tow Truck Driver Arrested for Violating Spartanburg County Towing Ordinance

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Christopher Michael Cole, a tow truck driver operating in the Upstate region of South Carolina, has been apprehended on charges related to the violation of Spartanburg County’s towing ordinance. The arrest follows an investigation conducted by the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, revealing alleged infractions committed by Cole during towing operations in the area.

The incident stems from Cole’s towing activities at a Spinx gas station located on Highway 14 near Greer. Deputies reported that Cole towed a total of 11 trucks and trailers from the premises, prompting concerns over potential violations of county regulations governing towing operations.

During the towing operations, Cole purportedly utilized the identities of two distinct towing companies, namely Southern Pride Towing and Affiliation Towing. Additionally, he employed storage facilities located in Wellford and Duncan as part of his towing procedures.

Upon uncovering these alleged violations, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the county attorney’s office, initiated further investigation into Cole’s actions. Subsequently, warrants were issued for Cole’s arrest, citing two counts of violation of county ordinance.

In light of these developments, authorities encourage individuals who may have fallen victim to improper towing practices by Cole to come forward and file reports with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. This outreach aims to ensure accountability and address any potential grievances stemming from Cole’s towing operations.

The arrest of Christopher Michael Cole underscores the importance of adherence to established towing regulations and the diligent enforcement efforts of law enforcement agencies to uphold public safety and regulatory compliance within the community.

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