Bills Beat Steelers in AFC Wild-Card Playoff – Josh Allen

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Overview: The Buffalo Bills secured a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC wild-card playoff game after a one-day delay due to a lake-effect blizzard. Quarterback Josh Allen played a key role, throwing three touchdown passes and achieving a franchise playoff-record 52-yard touchdown run. The Bills will now advance to the divisional round, facing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Key Highlights:

  1. Josh Allen’s Performance:
    • Allen threw three touchdown passes, including a 17-yard pass to Khalil Shakir in the fourth quarter.
    • His 52-yard touchdown run set a franchise playoff record.
    • Allen’s impressive performance made him the first quarterback in NFL playoff history to throw three or more TD passes while rushing for 70 or more yards and a score.
  2. Late Touchdown Seals the Win:
    • Allen’s 17-yard touchdown pass to Khalil Shakir in the fourth quarter secured a two-touchdown lead for the Bills.
    • Shakir’s catch and subsequent move, eluding a tackle attempt and outracing defenders, sealed the victory for Buffalo.
  3. Bills Advance to Face Chiefs:
    • The Bills, as the second seed, advance to the divisional round, where they will host the Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
    • Buffalo had longed for a home playoff game against the Chiefs after playoff losses in the previous seasons at Kansas City.
  4. Inconsistent Steelers:
    • Despite Mason Rudolph’s two touchdown passes, the Steelers struggled to maintain consistency on both sides of the ball.
    • Pittsburgh lost their fifth consecutive playoff game, with their most recent postseason victory dating seven years back.
  5. Delayed Game due to Snowstorm:
    • The game was postponed by a day due to a snowstorm that dumped more than 2 feet of snow on the region.
    • Despite the weather conditions, the elements did not significantly impact the game, and the Bills emerged victorious.

Next Steps: The Buffalo Bills will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round, aiming to advance further in the playoffs after closing the regular season with five straight wins.

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