Robert Downey Jr. Admits to High School Jealousy of Rob Lowe

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In a recent podcast interview on “Literally, with Rob Lowe,” Robert Downey Jr., star of “Oppenheimer” and iconic “Iron Man,” confessed to harboring intense feelings of jealousy towards his high school friend, Rob Lowe. Both actors, who shared the same first name, attended Santa Monica High School and had different trajectories to stardom.

Reflecting on his emotions during high school, Downey expressed, “I want to say I was jealous, but that’s not deep enough. I want to say that I didn’t understand how anyone could get where you were.” Downey admired Lowe’s professional achievements and high-functioning persona, making it difficult for him to comprehend Lowe’s success while they were both in school.

Lowe, recalling his teenage self as a “little snob b—-,” humorously mentioned that he couldn’t be bothered with high school theater, given his status as a working actor at the time. Downey, in contrast, was in awe of Lowe’s ability to balance a professional career with academic attendance.

The conversation delved into Lowe’s early acting career, where he would casually pass by bulletin boards, finding messages from his agent, while Downey humorously contrasted it with his own high school experience, receiving notices of suspension.

Despite their differing paths to fame, the two actors shared a moment of camaraderie and understanding. Lowe acknowledged the differences in their personalities and lifestyles during that time, emphasizing Downey’s rebellious and “hot mess” nature.

Both Downey and Lowe eventually found immense success in their respective acting careers, creating a bond that transcended their high school days.

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