Peter Crombie, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘House of Frankenstein’ Actor, Passes Away at 71

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Peter Crombie, renowned for his role as “Crazy” Joe Davola in Seinfeld’s fourth season, has passed away at the age of 71. The actor’s ex-wife, Nadine Kijner, announced his demise on social media, revealing that he succumbed to a brief illness on Wednesday morning. While specific details about the illness were not disclosed, Kijner expressed her shock and extreme sadness.

On Instagram, Kijner shared, “It is with shock and extreme sadness that I share my ex-husband died this morning. Thank you for so many wonderful memories and being such a good man. Fly free into the un-boundless source of light, Peter. May you be greeted with love by your parents, and Oliver. So many people loved you because you were a kind, giving, caring, and creative soul.”

The actor, also known for his role in ‘House of Frankenstein,’ leaves behind a legacy of memorable performances, bringing joy to countless fans.

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