Common and Jennifer Hudson: A Hint of Romance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”

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Amid weeks of speculation surrounding their close bond, Jennifer Hudson seems to make things official, or at least strongly suggestive, during an episode of her talk show featuring Common on Monday.

The duo, both former South Siders and longtime friends, had been playing coy about their relationship since being spotted holding hands in New York on Nov. 4. However, a clip from Monday’s “Jennifer Hudson Show” (airing at 11 a.m. on WFLD-Channel 32) hints at the two finally addressing the rumors.

In the episode, Common, 51, greets Hudson, 42, with a large bouquet, prompting the hosts to ask if he’s currently dating anyone. Common responds, “I’m seeing one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.”

He continues to describe this mystery person, saying, “She’s smart. She loves God. She has something real down to earth about her. She’s talented. But I set my standard kind of high because she had to have an EGOT,” never explicitly naming Hudson but listing notable achievements in her career. “She had to win an Oscar on her first movie. I set my standard high. She had to get her own talk show.”

The show later features a video of Usher serenading Hudson at a Dec. 2 concert in Las Vegas, with Common as her seatmate. Additionally, a photo is shown of the duo sitting cozily together at a Bulls game on Dec. 30 at the United Center.

Known for his admiration of high-achieving women, Common has previously been romantically linked with singer Erykah Badu, tennis great Serena Williams, actor Taraji P. Henson, and comedian Tiffany Haddish.

Hudson, on the other hand, has a 14-year-old son with former WWE wrestler David Otunga, with whom she was engaged until their breakup in 2017.

The Common and Jennifer Hudson saga continues to unfold, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further developments in this newfound romance.



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